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Latte Glasses - Drink Like You're At The Cafe

How many times did you remember going to a fancy cafe and bistro and you ordered a cappuccino or latte and minutes later, you are served with an odd-looking, tall glass? Well, that funny looking glass is a latte glass, for your information!


What is a latte?

First off, if you don't know what is a latte, then you don't know what is a latte glass.

Latte, by definition is a hot espresso filled with hot milk, which is then finished with foamed milk topping. And what is espresso? Espresso is black coffee that is made by using coffee beans and boiling water.

Latte is actually a drink from Italy. Therefore, if you ever go to Italy, be prepared to drink lattes when you go out to eat!


Therefore, latte glasses are specially made just for lattes. That's how exclusive latte glasses are.

Features of a latte glass - not just a mug

High quality glass

It is usually made from thick glass so that it is not easy to break. Ever noticed the generous thickness of the cup when you're enjoying your latte?


It's always nice to see that latte glasses have a small handle at the bottom. This handle is only small enough to fit 1 or 2 fingers in.


It is pretty heavy too, considering 1 latte glass could very weight about 200g (0.44 pound). This why glasses and cups at the nice cafe (you go to every weekend with your girls) are relatively heavy! Not to mention the total weight of the glass and drink as well.

How to buy latte glasses

Find out the number of oz (ounces) it can support. A standard latte glass should be able to fill about 8 - 10 oz of latte.

Buy them in sets if possible because chances are, you can save more per cup. Not only because it's cheap, but your other family members will soon want to have their own latte glasses. Nobody wants to share their beloved latte glasses!

You can also choose from an insulated latte glass. Although more expensive, they protect both your hands and the temperature of the drink from changing.

What comes with the latte glasses?

Or rather, what else should you buy when you get latte glasses? Surely, there are essential accessories that come with the cups, don't it?

Accessory 1: Straw

Seep through the goodness of latte from your latte glass through the straw. Do you need any further explanation?

Accessory 2: Spoon

A spoon is essential if you want to "eat" the milky foam first before drinking the entire thing. But rest assured (like the Italians) you can only "eat" a small portion due to the small spoon size. This spoon is as long as the straw too.

Accessory 3: Saucer

A saucer is like a cup protector. Just, these saucers are made from ceramics or glasses themselves. Therefore, your hot or cold latte drink doesn't lose its temperature (how hot or how cold).

Things you must have if you want to use latte glasses at home

Espresso machine

Or at least, get a decent coffee maker. In this case, your coffee cup is the latte glasses. Since the latte glass is quite tall, you might want to shop for a cofee machine that is tall enough too. You can easily find good coffee makers for about a couple of hundreds of dollars. What about the expensive ones? Well, if you are just beginning to enjoy coffee, then it is highly suggested you start with a low ranged priced espresso machines first before getting serious (or addicted to coffee!).


Like the Italians, you must take pride in your latte drinking. However, it doesn't mean you should act out a scene from a movie. But rather, take the time to enjoy your latte. If you notice, they can even take as long as half an hour to consume their latte drink! Why? It's because appreciating every bit of food and drink is a habit ingrained within Italians since a long time ago. Both eating and drinking to them, is an art form.

Umm, doesn't the good old homemade latte (freshness and "creaminess" of the milk) taste best when you drink them at home? Get your very own latte glasses and drink your latte at the comfort of your own home today!